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Cherry Laurel Studio is a southern design and letterpress studio based in Decatur, GA. Think hospitality. Attention to detail. Think a little southern comfort (the yes ma’am and the mixer) splashed into the work. 


luck of the irish to ya!

Elizabeth Kotz


We had a customer reach out to us in early February to inquire about St. Patrick's Day cards, citing a need for family- and friends-friendly cards that weren't too flirty (and presumably not inappropriate for younger audiences). We're happy to report we've got our first ever St. Patrick's Day cards designed, printed, and in stock. 

One card is based on absurdist humor (above left) using our Medium is the Message style, and one is based on our cut paper design and similar to our Love cut paper card. We're pleased with how they turned out, and excited to see what you think. 

Buy them now in the store or find them at select retail partner locations. 

While you're at it, we should probably point out that we've reorganized the website. We always appreciate feedback on that as well!