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Cherry Laurel Studio is a southern design and letterpress studio based in Decatur, GA. Think hospitality. Attention to detail. Think a little southern comfort (the yes ma’am and the mixer) splashed into the work. 


spring is coming... right?

Elizabeth Kotz


Maybe because it just finished raining, and maybe the birds are singing their little hearts out today because they are thinking what I'm thinking: we can't wait for the flowers to start popping out and the weather to be just a little bit more consistently warm!

The above piece was printed for the Designing Women project with Smokey Road Press and it remains one of our favorite projects. The bird is legit a sparrow, and one we see a lot of around here at our feeders. And the song...remains one of our favorite old gospel tracks, as well as one of my favorite house music tracks sung by Kenny Bobien back in the Body & Soul heyday. 

We printed this piece on beautiful cotton Savoy with light blue and copper ink.