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Cherry Laurel Studio is a southern design and letterpress studio based in Decatur, GA. Think hospitality. Attention to detail. Think a little southern comfort (the yes ma’am and the mixer) splashed into the work. 


love letters: hafiz in the spotlight

Elizabeth Kotz

Continuing with our new Valentines cards, we have another medium is the message design inspired by good, old-fashioned love letters written on a typewriter. In this case, the typewriter is wielded by Hafiz. He lived from 1315 to 1390 in Iran, and his words are still incredibly awesome. 

When we designed this, we imagined sitting down at an antique typewriter, inserting paper thin almost gauzy paper, and "penning" something of a love letter to a loved one or dearest acquaintance. The language is such that you might use it for a lover or a friend, with equal parts intimacy and devotion. 

We printed this one, as with our other white paper cards, on lovely cotton Savoy by Reich. The tactile quality of this paper is unsurpassed, especially when combined with letterpress. The effect is elegant and sophisticated.