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Cherry Laurel Studio is a southern design and letterpress studio based in Decatur, GA. Think hospitality. Attention to detail. Think a little southern comfort (the yes ma’am and the mixer) splashed into the work. 


Digging in the Dirt

Elizabeth Kotz

Friday always brings a level of excitement and anticipation (or perhaps relief) for the weekend, but Fridays in *Spring* ... that's all of that goodness amped up on happy pills. It is Spring in Atlanta, and many of us who shiver our way through the winter could not be happier. Spring brings flip flops and patio weather. Springs means leaving the studio door wide open for fresh air and sunlight and a little daydreaming while we print. 

Spring also brings new gardening tasks. It's a poorly kept secret that I love plants. I like to eat them, and I wish like crazy that I could grow them. With very little sunlight, and copious shade trees, my dreams of being an urban farmer have been stunted over the years. Every year I buy plants and seeds, starry eyed and hopeful that maybe this year will be different. And every year...I wouldn't call it disappointment, necessarily, but I would not say my hopes are fulfilled by any stretch of my imagination. 

This year, my game plan is to plant a shade garden. To specifically pick plants for home and studio that are deep shade friendly (novel idea, right? it's only taken me 12 years to get there....). If I fail this year, I might just have to start drawing and printing the plants I dream about. Maybe we'll start doing that, anyway, as a nod to all things botanical. 

However it shakes out, I am delighted it's Spring. Finally. You might say we are happy as pigs in mud around here.