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Cherry Laurel Studio is a southern design and letterpress studio based in Decatur, GA. Think hospitality. Attention to detail. Think a little southern comfort (the yes ma’am and the mixer) splashed into the work. 


2018 Calendars are here!

Elizabeth Kotz


2018 calendars are here, and in the shop. We are pretty stoked about this year's edition. We've added patterns to jazz up the bottom, but kept the same beautiful handmade wooden bases.

The wooden bases are hand made from North Carolina wood by our dear ol' dad (yeah, really!! it's a family affair around here!). The cards are printed on beautiful, premium cotton Reich Savoy (our favorite) in classic black and white with the grey patterns at the bottom. We think you'll be just as pleased as we are with how they turned out. 

They are perfect for gifting to others as well as for treating yourself to something special that will make you smile for the entirety of next year. 

spotlight on hatch show print

Elizabeth Kotz

Wood type at Moiety Press; photo copyright Cherry Laurel Studio

Wood type at Moiety Press; photo copyright Cherry Laurel Studio

We are loving this CNN article on our friends over at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN. EB hadn't been in awhile, but stopped by last month to say hi, buy more prints, and marvel at how the Country Music Hall of Fame space is so much larger than the old Broadway location. 

We got the manual for our 10x15 C&P Old Style from our buddy Jim Sherraden; we literally walked down the street to Kinkos and made photocopies of the Hatch manual. And naturally, every time we use our wood type we think of the great work they continue to produce over there at Hatch.

Happy letterpressing!

the first day of spring

Elizabeth Kotz

It's the first day of Spring! Hooray hoooray!! We're not exactly winter people around these parts, so the start of sandals season is something of a fabulous occurrence.

We printed late into the night to fill a large order on our floral Loveliest Birthday cards, so we must not be the only ones daydreaming of flowers and gardening and sunshine and warmer weather. Our poor azaleas took a beating with the recent frost—here's to hoping everyone rebounds with gusto.

Happy Monday! Happy Spring! 

kiss me, i'm irish!

Elizabeth Kotz

Celebrating the luck of the Irish today!

While Audrey Hepburn was British and born in Belgium so not actually Irish (though her stepmother was, in fact, Irish)—we think this print on green paper is perfect for today. In fact, when the work of the day is done, we'll be spending it in the garden tending to any freeze damage as best we can. It's been unseasonably cold in the South, and many plants are paying the price. It's the only time of year in the South that it's socially acceptable to spread your linens all over the front lawn *laugh* Hoping for the best and anticipating warmer weather any minute now! 

Our Hepburn letterpress print was hand pulled on our 105 year old Venus the Letterpress (our Chandler & Price 10x15 platen press) with a metallic copper ink for the botanical elements and a dark brown (with copper in the mix, though it's hard to see) for the type. The paper is a spring fern green, an American made cover stock by French Paper. The quote is set in calligraphy and hand styled type—and it betrays our feelings every early Spring when it's time to start the seeds and dream of the many wondrous things popping up in our gardens.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, all!

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

art deco letterpress wedding invitation

Elizabeth Kotz

We were approached by a bride in the fall to quickly produce her art deco letterpress wedding invitations, pending a bit of a snafu with her original production plan. The invitations were designed and ready to go—and we gladly stepped in to print them on our antique press with a rush timeframe. She was thrilled with the final result, as were we.

These invitations were printed with very tight registration in gold and black ink on Savoy Brilliant White cotton paper—one of our house stocks for a reason. It prints beautifully with the antique printing presses, and is the ultimate luxury in your hands. 

Jessica was a stunning bride on her big day (she really should be a model), and quite lovely to work with. We wish her all the best in her lifetime of love and happiness. 

We thank her, and her photographer, for these stunning images of the invitation from her wedding day suite. 

Letterpress Wedding Invitation Season

Elizabeth Kotz

It's "high wedding season" now—which means we have been busy bees designing new letterpress wedding invitations for beautiful brides far and wide, running the gamut of formality and showcasing gorgeous calligraphy script typography.

One favorite is for a formal Episcopalian wedding in Georgetown (Washington, DC) with the reception at the luxurious Georgetown Ritz Carlton—fancy digs require a fancy script, with navy printed on Crane's Ecru Lettra. Another favorite is for a simply elegant but rustic wedding on a farm in the Midwest—with soft pinks, burlaps, and a looser script with some handwritten elements on crisp white Savoy. 

Many are small weddings with intimate numbers, proving that no quantity is really too small for letterpress—and truly our presses are well suited for the smaller runs. We are thrilled for all of our beautiful brides and take great pleasure in hand pulling each print to ensure each is of the highest artisanal standard. Such a luxury and privilege to be doing this work!

As seen on !

Elizabeth Kotz

It was a ho-hum kind of dreary Monday (no really. It should be illegal for Monday to be rainy and grey and soggy), and then we realized Real Simple had featured our best selling Bushel & a Peck card in a creative Valentines Card lineup.

We are stoked to say the least! We've been huge fans of the magazine since its inception, so you might say this is pretty exciting stuff deserving of ice cream for lunch. (Chocolate truffle cashew milk cream, anyone? Sprinkles on top for sure. And happy dances all around!)

You & Me!

Elizabeth Kotz

We've got a new Valentine in the shop and we think you will love it. We printed this one using hand set wood type with a playful arrangement—Dottie the Press had the pleasure of running this card on premium cotton paper (Reich Savoy, naturally), and we are just in love with the result. See below for the photo of the type locked up and ready to go—and buy your copy of the card in our shop before we run out of this super limited edition. 

Three Gallons of Crazy

Elizabeth Kotz

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We've got a new addition to our Southern Lines letterpress greeting card collection, and it's one of our new favorites. It is so multipurpose, so useful, so absolutely perfect. This week, this year, this life, this election, this breakup ? Three Gallons of Crazy in a Two Gallon Bucket.

We hand printed this new card with an antique printing press on premium tree-free cotton paper, Savoy by Reich Paper, in a lovely turquoise and seasonally appropriate burnt orange. We've paired it with a recycled kraft envelope that is environmentally responsible and aesthetically right on trend. 

All of this is right on the money, and perfect for sending to just about anyone. We could see sending this for an anniversary, wedding, OR divorce card. We could see sending this to a teacher. We could see sending it for a birthday, or just because. Love that!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Elizabeth Kotz

Believe Reindeer Holiday Cards
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We are quite aware that the trick or treaters have not yet made their way to our front doors, but there are some early birds already stocking up on Christmas cards to presumably address envelopes while gorging on delicious chocolate leftovers. (The best part about Halloween is the 50% off candy sales on November 1, am I right?!)

So, we present to you a new letterpress holiday card for our menagerie. Reading simply "Believe" and featuring a right spritely Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, this two-color card is printed with great loving care on premium Reich Savoy cotton paper and is paired with a recycled kraft envelope. We are smitten, and think your recipients will be, too. For everyone who believes in Santa, for everyone who simply believes in the magic of the winter holidays, and for everyone who holds out hope that extra Xanax will not be required—this card is for you.

We prefer to hold on to the magic of the Season, because it's really so much more delightful that way. If you'd like to sing along at home, be sure to check out this classic rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer—and enjoy! May we all hold on tightly to the sparkle and joy that is Christmas.


Elizabeth Kotz

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Finally, finally!, we are proud to show you our new line. We've called it Heartfelt, because each card is a sincere expression for the ups and downs of life. We've been such busy bees in the studio and hope you will agree that it pays off.

Available now on our website and in our Etsy shop, we've printed these with the greatest of care on lovely Reich Savoy cotton paper and paired them with kraft envelopes for a modern and timeless design that even your grandma would approve of. The inside is left fully blank so that you can say what you mean—and share your heart.

Oh, hey, Tuesday, you've totally got this.


Elizabeth Kotz


We often talk about the provenance of our presses. Who came before, how the press was passed along to the next printer. Date of manufacturer, and all that. But the provenance of type drawers... They have their own tale to tell. And clearly these drawers are coming from different adventures, different places. So much of what fascinates us here in the studio is the history of the pieces we use to do our work. Built to last. Beauty in imperfection.

Happy 4th of July!

Elizabeth Kotz

Two of our fabulous team members, Krupa and Ariana, came up with a cute stop motion video to celebrate the 4th of July. We love it, and think you will, too! It uses cut paper, fireworks, and a starry night sky all in the context of stop motion to liven up your day. Enjoy! And happy birthday, America! We are so proud and blessed to be citizens here.

Sheltering Arms Annual Report Design + Photography

Elizabeth Kotz

Not everything we do around here is letterpress—prior to this printing endeavor, we've logged many years as a design and branding studio. One of our favorite design clients happens to do work that is close to our heart (love it when that happens)—Sheltering Arms. They focus on ensuring kids get a decent foundation by providing high quality, affordable child care and education.

Sheltering Arms serves kids from a wide variety of backgrounds, and many of them have partially or fully subsidized tuition (because let's face it, living in Atlanta can be expensive and childcare continues to get pricier and pricier). And somehow, every single one of their kiddos is *beautiful* though they swear that's not a criteria for attendance.

So, we've designed their annual report for the past two years. And our team had the privilege of shooting many of the photographs that are included in the reports. And we're pretty proud with how all of it turned out.

The new one, pictured up there on the right, is available for download from the Sheltering Arms website. Check it out, check them out, and show them support. They are doing *amazing* work!

Artisan Market in Norcross on Saturday!

Elizabeth Kotz

For those of you inclined to take a trip to Norcross (GA), or those already living there, we will be at the Peach Blossom Artists Artisan Market this Saturday, June 18, from 10-4. We will have Father's Day cards, as well as art prints and other goodies that we've been working on. Find us:

39 Thrasher Street, Norcross, GA – by the Old Well

Park at Thrasher Park or the train track side of Thrasher St.


Cuttin' Up in the Studio

Elizabeth Kotz


That's Rosie, above. She's our Challenge cutter, an old beauty rescued from the dirty confines of a storage closet, long forgotten and unused. There's nothing electronic about any of her moving parts, and that's how we like it—though admittedly sometime we dream about the power of a hydraulic cutter. Someone long ago painted her a wild assortment of colors—she's got a definite 80s vibe going on, which we think she likes. It reminds us of purple hair in days gone by.

Rosie just got a new blade, officially making her the sharpest tool in the shed. To celebrate, we cut some paper. I know, we live exciting times around here. You'd be pretty stoked to get a new blade for your cutter, too, just in time for 2016 holiday season preparations.

We'll be launching some new letterpress holiday cards early this autumn, and always look forward to custom orders coming in as well. It wouldn't be summer without a few busy bees buzzing around, right?

Doctor Doctor

Elizabeth Kotz

We had a visit from the inimitable Paul Moxon on Tuesday, with nearly a full day of maintenance performed on Dottie the Press. Paul is Mr. Vandercook, and the best expert on these old gals—he runs a great Vanderblog  and travels around teaching and fixing and teaching some more.

As with most of these old machines, we continued to find things that needed tweaking and adjusting and repairing. Just as with an old house, it seems to take longer than you anticipate and never goes according to plan. You find yourself questioning whether things were set wrong many years ago in one fell swoop, or if they just shifted over many years of use and wiggling around in process.

We were thankful for his experience and expertise and problem-solving skills to set things right. So many tools, so much grease—this and gardening is why I never seem to have nice hands or clothes. I'm having so much more FUN, though. Maybe one day....

In the meantime, we've got a bit of cool gadget envy and a nice list of tools we'd like to acquire. Magnetic whatsits and measuring whosits and thingamabobs galore!

Voting Bitter

Elizabeth Kotz

It's that time of year, when our favorite storytelling online "magazine" (as it were) is pulling for votes and money. No, this isn't letterpress. Though they do support letterpress printers and other artisan makers, as well as illustrators and photographers and writers and artists.

We don't write a lot of flowery language, and we think they tell their story best. So, go check out The Bitter Southerner and #VoteBitter. In what has been an interesting election year for all involved, whichever side of the fence you vote on, it's nice to vote for something we believe in.

We don't think of ourselves as particularly bitter, and take great pride in being Southern. Our roots are here, our heart is here, and we've no interest in forsaking any of it. Besides, we have some of the best food.

Mother's Day is coming!

Elizabeth Kotz

Mother's Day is coming! Mother's Day is coming! It's incredibly hard for us to believe that we are already at the end of April 2016. Where did the time go?! And how is it already almost Mother's Day!?

It's not too late to order your Mother's Day card from us, and we do have a few to choose from. Our bestseller, pictured above, happens to be our favorite. Just like our mom.

Mother's Day is May 8. Don't be that chump slinking to the grocery store the morning of.